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Turn a Video/Movie into Your Wallpaper! [AwesomeTrick]

Posted by V-HACKER on January 16, 2011 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Now a days all of you look excited about Windows 7 & Windows Vista Ultimate DreamScene which will allow you to play high-definition video content as your wallpaper. Dreamscene is only available for Windows 7 & Windows Vista Ultimate users, but do you know that, you can play video as a wallpaper on your Vista Home Premium or Basic version or even on Windows XP also?


Download VLC Media Player and open any video in it.

Right click on the video and click on "Wallpaper" or "DirectX Wallpaper"

That's it. You have an animated wallpapers now!

If don't see the wallpaper option:

Settings > Preferences > Video > Output Modules > Direct X

Check the Advanced Options box in the bottom right hand corner.

Check Enable Wallpaper Mode. Now when you right click on your videos, you should be able to see a Wallpaper option.

Video Looping:

Settings > Preferences > Playlist  > Repeat All

For removing VLC from the taskbar:

Settings > Preferences -> Interface -> Main Interface -> wxWidgets and uncheck Taskbar and enable Systray icon.

You Can Download Some Wallpaper-Type Videos From Here

In Windows XP your icons and it's text can look weird...

Enjoy!! ;)

[Free] Send Worldwide SMS. [Big List]

Posted by V-HACKER on January 8, 2011 at 5:44 PM Comments comments (1)






























































































Send Unlimited SMS's To anyone For Free. Different Countries, Different Languages, Different Websites, But you can Send Worldwide SMS.

Enjoy!! ;)

[TUT] How to Create a Torrent File & Seed It.

Posted by V-HACKER on January 8, 2011 at 5:17 PM Comments comments (0)


I Didnt Have Time To Re-Upload The Pics and So You Can Download The Word File Here

First of all you need to download a torrent client.

I would suggest using uTorrent because it's easy to use.

You can download uTorrent from here: http://utorrent.com

After you install uTorrent open it up go up to the left hand corner of uTorrent and click file > create new torrent

 Once you click create new torrent click Add File

 After clicking Add File search your file you want to make a torrent for example I'll use ThreatExpert Application (make sure you check the box next to start seeding before you click Create and Save as

 Once you've selected your file and checked the box next to start seeding click the button Create and Save as... a box will appear just click yes, you will get trackers off the site your uploading your torrent to.

 Once you've click yes it will then make your file you selected a .torrent file you then save it somewhere.

 Congratulations you've now created your .torrent file to upload to torrent sites.

 Now for the seeding part to seed your torrent file.

 Upload your .torrent file to a site like http://torrents.sumotorrent.com/upload.php

 Click browse find the .torrent file that you just made select the category's, choose a name for your torrent, write in a description something persuading, then click upload.

 After doing that then the torrent site will automatically redirect you to your torrent you just uploaded, download it. (open with uTorrent by default)

 Right click on the torrent file in uTorrent and click properties in properties near the bottom select initial seeding.

 After doing that... right click on your torrent file in uTorrent again and select the option Force Start

 It will then Force Start and Initially Seed your file...

Once you've uploaded your file to one torrent site... upload it to different torrent sites to get better results of spreading your file.

Yahoo Messenger Chat Commands [Bet You Dont Know About Them]

Posted by V-HACKER on January 8, 2011 at 5:01 PM Comments comments (0)

Chat Command Help

/cls Clears the history

/help Displays this message 

/join roomname Joins room 'roomname'

/goto username Goes to 'username'

/think xxx . o O (xxx)

/follow user Follows the user wherever they go

/follow Stop Following

/invite username Invites 'username' to join this room : emotion Displays user defined emotion string

/think-- will get you . o O ( ........ ) just type /think whatever.....and get . o O ( whatever ) ...doesn't seem to work in messenger chat though......java/cheeta/ychat/cheeta users if they just type /think will have a random message inserted

/roll 2-- will get you something like 'fire-wall rolls 2 dice 3,4' ........to roll multisided dice type /roll 2:10

try /roll 2x2 to flip coins

/tell ( name )-- allows you to send a private message with out a pm box

/goto ( name ) lets you go to a friend or another user

/invite ( name )-- allows you to invite a user to where you are

/follow ( name )-- allows you to follow someone

/stopfollow( name )-- stops you following someone else.... no way to stop someone from following you. :cry: :cry:

/cls-- clears the screen

/help-- works great in java chat!!! be prepared for a full screen of info though.

/define-- works in cheeta chat

/time-- works in most clients

/version or /ver --the latter is great for when you need help.........and /version helpers name sends them a private message with the same info so they can help.

/join (roomname) is great for skipping the rooms list......like

/join yahoo! chat help:1

to emote without using the pop up emotes or the list just type /emote name .......like /hug or to emote someone /hug ( name) and to make your text show as an emote .....type a : then whatever.....and your text will look like an emote like Fire-wall hugs you

/ignore add (username) a quick way to send someone to the iggy box.....

/ignore remove (username) can take an accidental ignore off..... or even remove yourself form your own ignore.... don't laugh.... it has happened!!! despite yahoo saying you cant ignore yourself. you can also open messenger, look under privacy, and remove names there.

/save works in all but messenger (click file. then save for messenger chat)........in browser chat make sure you know where it saves the transcript!!!!!

/logoff closes your chat screen and logs you out !!!


Enjoy the New Chat Commands!! ;)

[BEST] Free Anti-Virus.

Posted by V-HACKER on January 5, 2011 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Are Viruses/Threats Damaging Your Computer??

Need an Anti-Virus??

Review & Get the Best: [Test Results Given Here]


1.Avast! Free Antivirus [+ Malwarebytes]

<< When you're getting the No.1, why you want to look at any other ones? >>

2.AVG Anti-virus.

3.Eset NOD32.

4.Microsoft Security Essentials.

5.Avira AntiVir Antivirus.

6.Panda Antivirus.

7.Comodo Antivirus.

8.http://www.ExpertScan.com [For Online Computer Scan & Threat Removal] *Added Exclusively*


"Avast antivirus took 34 minutes to scan the whole system. We also scanned a folder full of viruses. It contained zipped folders as well. It scanned and identified 9776 affected files with a success ratio of around 97% which is highest as compared to other antivirus' on this list. It success-fully cleaned all the files detected.

BOTTOMLINE: The feature set and protection levels make Avast! a highly recommended antivirus!"

Avast is the Best of All! 

Most Features, Best Protection, Fastest Scanning, Best Performance.


Add MalwareBytes Anti-Malware in a Combo with Avast for Maximum Protection. 

[This will Give Equal/Better Protection than other Premium Anti-Viruses]


Thanks to Tyson [Administrator]

Enjoy!! ;)

Request Software/Game/Crack/Anything Here.

Posted by FurY on January 4, 2011 at 3:07 PM Comments comments (9)

Hey Guys,

Anyone Want Some Good Software? 
or the Latest Movie? 
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Well, You're at the Right Place...

Comment Here to Request for Anything You Want,

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We'll Try Our Level Best To Provide Whatever You Want in the Next 35 Hours or Less.

There are Many Premium Version Things Which You Want for Free,

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Enjoy!! ;)

Use Internet In PC through Airtel Mobile GPRS.

Posted by FurY on January 4, 2011 at 2:46 PM Comments comments (0)


Its easy. Try It.....



Components required :-


1] Any mobile which can be used as modem [either data cable/infrared/bluetooth modem]


2] Interfacing device [Data cable/Infrared Port/Bluetooth Port]


3] PC in working condition


4] Airtel Prepaid Simcard




Software Required:-


1] Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or 2.0

[download it from getfirefox.com ]


2] User Agent Switcher

[before downloading User Agent Switcher, read this post fully]

[download it from http://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/59/ ]


3] Device [Data cable/Infrared/Bluetooth] Software

[this you will get normally in CD while purchasing]






1] Activate AirTel Live and Save Airtel Live Settings. Its free, so no problem.

2] Connect your mobile to PC via either data cable/infrared/bluetooth and install its modem software

3] Now Create a Dialup Connection manually with the followind details




Open Control Panel -> Network Connectons -> New Connection Wizard

Click Next

Choose "Connect to the Internet"

Click Next

Choose "Setup my connection manually"

Click Next

Choose "Connect using a dial-up modem"

Click Next

Enter ISP Name as you want

Click Next

Enter Phone Number as *99***2#

Click Next

Click Next

Add shortcut to desktop

Click Finish




4] Now it will ask for User Name and Password, just click Cancel.

5] Now Open Control Panel -> phone and Modem Options

Under Modems Tab select the Modem you have installed and click Properties

Select Advanced Tab. Copy and Paste the following code into Extra Initialization Commands and click Ok




Code: AT+CGDCONT=2, "IP","airtelfun.com","",0,0




6] Install Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and run the application atleast once.

7] Now download User Agent Switcher from the address mentioned above.

[Note: User Agent Switcher shold be downloaded from Installed Firefox]

8] After installing User Agent Switcher, Exit Firefox and Restart it.

9] Now Click Tools -> User Agent Switcher -> Optons -> Options

Select User Agents from left panel and Click Add Button and Enter the following details and Click Ok and Ok




Description : iFirefox/2.0

User Agent : IMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.8.1) Gecko/20061010




10] Now Select iFirefox/2.0 as User Agent from Tools-> User Agent Switcher.

11] Now Configure Firefox to Proxy Server as mentioned below




Click Tools ->Options in Firefox

Select General Tab

Click Connection Settings button and make Manual Proxy Configuration

Enter All Proxy's as and

Ports as 8080

Click Ok and Ok




12] Now Open Internet Explorer Properties -> Connections Tab

Select the connection you have created and Click Settings button.

Now Enable Proxy Server and enter the address as and

Port as 8080 and Click Ok and Ok




Thats all you have done it.

Now use the dial-up connections shortcut from desktop and click Dial. Open Firefox and enter any Web Address you want.







I have tested this using Sony Ericsson K500i, Infrared Port and Firefox 1.5. And i downloaded more than 500Mb for free of cost. Try and post your replies.

[Very Important]Signs That Your Computer is Infected By a Spyware/Adware.

Posted by V-HACKER on January 3, 2011 at 2:03 PM Comments comments (0)

There are a number of indicators you can watch for which will suggest that your computer has been infected by spyware or adware. Please note that some of the symptoms listed below are not unique to just a spyware or an adware infection.


1) PC PerformanceBoth Spyware and adware consume your PC's resource like computer memory. A bad spyware infection could dramatically slow your computer's performance including causing your system's to become increasingly unstable. Spyware also can affect your internet connection speed as it takes up bandwidth to communicate information back to its creator.


2) Pop up AdsIt is highly likely that your computer is infected by Adware if you notice more pop up ads appearing than usual. In some cases pop ads start appearing on the desktop even if you have not opened a web browser. Alternatively, search results may appear in a pop up or another browser window relative to the website you are visiting or keyword term you have typed into a search engine.


3) Browser ToolbarsThese programs are commonly bundled with free software which the publisher often describes as "advertiser supported." The toolbar then feeds adverts based on the website you visit. They are usually very difficult to uninstall. "180 Search Assistant" and "Huntbar" are example programs.


4) Browser Settings Your internet favourites or bookmarks and start page are two main settings which are targeted by spyware authors. Web sites are inserted into your list of internet favourites in the hope that you will visit them. Browser hijackers change the start page which is visited when the browser loads. Any unexpected change to your start page is a sign of infection.


5) Start Up ProgramsSome spyware variants will try to add themselves to your Windows start up program list. If you boot up time becomes noticeably slower then review your program start up list to check for applications you are not familiar with and remove them. This program list can be review using the "MS Config" option from the Windows XP Run command.


6) Software FailureA spyware infection can cause some of your programs to crash or stop working. In particular watch if your Internet Explorer browser refuses to work all of a sudden.


7) Hosts File ChangesThe Hosts File is a Windows file that maps the numerical IP Address to the Host Name very much like the address book on your cell phone "maps" your friend's name to their telephone number. Some spyware programs can change these setting so that when you type in "http://www.yahoo.com" for example you are re-directed the spyware author's website.


8) Hacking Tools and Softwares - If You are Onto Hacking, Then Your Computer is Highly Vulnerable to Infection. Hacking Tools & Softwares, Always are Counted as Threats and Sometimes You Get Backdoor'd trying to Hack Others. Always Use a Sandbox while using Unkn0wn tools/applications.


Keep a Good Protection. Avast 5 Free + Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will Do Great for Windows Based Home Computers.


Enjoy!! ;)

10 Ways to Get Most Out of Technology.[Damn Useful!]

Posted by V-HACKER on January 3, 2011 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Your gadgets and computers, your software and sites — they are not working as well as they should. You need to make some tweaks. But the tech industry has given you the impression that making adjustments is difficult and time-consuming. It is not. And so below are 10 things to do to improve your technological life. They are easy and (mostly) free.




Why: Because having immediate access to your e-mail, photos, calendars and address books, not to mention vast swaths of the internet, makes life a little easier.


How: This does not have to be complicated. Upgrade your phone with your existing carrier; later, when you are an advanced beginner, you can start weighing the pluses and minuses of your carrier versus another.




Why: Because, while the latest version has some real improvements, Internet Explorer is large, bloated with features and an example of old-style Microsoft excess.


How: Switch to either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Both are first-rate, speedy browsers, and both are free. It remains a tight race between the two, but Chrome has had the lead lately in features and performance. Both browsers include useful things like bookmark syncing. That means that your bookmarks folder will be the same on every computer using Chrome or Firefox, and will update if you change anything.


UPLOAD PHOTOS TO THE CLOUD [Better Alternative = Use DropBox]


Why: Because you’ll be really sorry if an errant cup of coffee makes its way onto your PC, wiping away years of photographic memories. Creating copies of your digital photos on an online service is a painless way to ensure they’ll be around no matter what happens to your PC. It is also an easy way to share the photos with friends and family.


How: There are many good, free choices. To keep things simple, use Picasa, Google’s service. After your initial upload — which may take a while, so set it up before you go to sleep — you will have a full backup of your photo library. And by inviting people to view it, privately, with passwords, you will not have to e- mail photos anymore. Anytime you have new pictures, upload them to Picasa, send a message to your subscribers, and they can view your gallery at their leisure.




Why: Because music bought digitally wants

to be freed, not imprisoned in your portable player or laptop. It wants to be sent around the home, filling rooms like good oldfashioned hi-fi.


How: Have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Download Apple’s free Remote app and you will be able to control your music from anywhere in the house.




Why: Because photos are not the only important things on your computer. With online backup services, you do not have to buy any equipment; you just install software, which sits on secure servers and runs in the background, regularly updating a mirror image of all your files while you spend time on more important things, like confirming that Ben Gazzara really was the bad guy in “Road House” (he was).


How: Go to sosbackup.com. Install the software. Sleep easy.


Only hitch: It’s not free.




Why: Because attacks on unwitting users are more widespread and tactics are growing more advanced.


How: Windows users can download Avast Free Antivirus (+ Malwarebytes). Mac users can download iAntiVirus Free Edition. Both applications will provide a basic level of security against a variety of so-called malware. And they cost zero.




Why: Because while e-mailing yourself files is a perfectly decent workaround, there are easier, more elegant ways to move files around — and they don’t cost anything, either.


How: Go to dropbox.com and set up a free account. You will then get an icon that sits on your desktop. Drag and drop files onto that icon, and they are immediately copied to the cloud. The free account gives you up to two gigabytes of disk space. Set up your account on all your other computers, and they all have the access to the same files.




Why: Because it does not take much to get them to give you free (or cheaper) services. These companies are generally indifferent to customer needs.


How: Just call and ask — they will probably give you something. Other tactics: Measure your internet/broadband speed, using

dslreports.com/speedtest; if it is less than what you are paying for, ask for an upgrade.




Why: Because that awesome 1080p plasma or LCD TV you bought has factory settings for color, brightness, contrast and that are likely to be out of whack. They need to be adjusted.

How: Buy a High Definition Benchmark: Bluray Edition test, a DVD. Its regimen of tests and patterns will help you adjust your TV’s settings to more natural levels.




Why: Because you should never have a gadget’s battery die on you, and they are cheap. Smartphone user? Have a charging cable at the office, one in the car, and a couple at home. Laptops? Have enough chargers in the house, so you are not tethered to the den when the power runs low.


How: eBay. Search for what you need with terms like “original” or “oem” (original equipment manufacturer). You will often see accessories on sale for as little as one-tenth their normal retail price. Buy them by the gross.


Must Follow Everything Above to Get The Best!!

Enjoy!! ;)