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Protect your Child from Pornography.

Posted by V-HACKER on December 29, 2010 at 7:35 AM

May be impressed with heading ,so why I am talking about porn stuff. Because i got lots of mails from the parents that how they can protect their children from porn stuff on world wide web , as internet becomes the backbone of every person so we can not say our Children to not to use internet and hopefully in our absence what is the guarantee that they will not see some pornography stuff . So what we do?Well I don’t know in foreign but in India mostly teen age go to cyber cafes and watch porn stuff, but with the growth now most watch everything at their home. So what parents will do?

Here is the solution for parents I got searched software for you that can help you to sleep freely when your child is using internet in his private room. The software I am talking about is called Anti- Porn. One of the leading software helps you to block all type of porn stuff which pop ups when we visit any website.

Anti-Porn helps your computer away from sexually problematic material online. With a strong blocking mechanism and additional protective options, users will be impressed by this program.

Anti-Porn’s interface will instantly be understood by users. The controls are simple, mostly consisting of sliders and clickable buttons. The directions are intuitive and will be easily navigated by users of all levels.

The program’s Help file is also available to answer any questions. The program itself is very effective. Whenever a questionable URL or browser keyword is entered, the program’s mascot (a cartoon bird) holds up a stop sign and says that access is denied. Users can change the settings by entering a password and choosing from one of the many options. Here users can adjust the level of protection from high to low, enter specific Web sites that must be blocked, and enter key words to be on the lookout for. All were handled simply and proved effective in combating adult content. The program is full of special features that go beyond watching for porn. Users interested in keeping children off the computer all day can set specific hours during which the Internet can be accessed, and how long it can be continually active, and apply these limits to games and chat as well.

Anti-Porn parental controls has some advantage in comparison with other internet filtering and blocking software.

•Multilingual content filtering – Anti-Porn blocks thousands of porn sites, which is written in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Franch, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

•Close before Display – Anti-Porn’s intelligent content Filtering Engine blocks porn site before it appears in front of children’s eyes.

 •Auto restrict games – Anti-Porn can determine which program is a game. So the parents needn’t to add any game to a blacklist.

•Hide completely – You could not find Anti-Porn whether in the explorer or in the task manager. Everyone could not close or remove Anti-Porn without password.

Download Here

Thanks to Rahul Tyagi.

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